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External Independent Catering Audits – ‘Who Checks The Checker’

The Need For an Independent External Hygiene Audit

In a perfect world, your catering operation would always deliver superb standards of culinary excellence consistent with your agreed requirements and be managed efficiently and effectively. Employing a catering company to look after your services should mean your time spent on catering matters should be minimal. You should be able to relax, safe in the knowledge that all food regulations, cleaning schedules, temperature controls are completed on a regular basis.

Also that all the evidence required of control systems for due diligence are in place and compliance records filed for viewing if necessary.

But is this always the case? Unfortunately the reality can be somewhat different!

It is well known that the majority of catering operations start well but over a period of time, standards tend to drop and you or your customers see that lately

There have been no visible signs of improvement in the service.

Belt and Braces believe that a simple external hygiene audit can provide an extremely useful summary of controls that are working well and identify any areas of improvement required.

If you have a good working relationship with your incumbent caterer, an independent hygiene review removes losing any goodwill between both parties with a fresh pair of eyes looking at the catering offer, allowing any issues ‘good or bad’ identified to be discussed and offers choices to enhance the service for both parties and the customer.

The client can then also provide evidence that they have gone that extra step in due diligence (if a serious food incidence occurred) by checking the incumbent caterer. It often allows both parties to sort out any problems at little cost without going to Tender with all the associated costs of that process. Or if they are unsuitable, it highlights their incompetence and provides you with evidence to look for another provider.

Call us to see if a hygiene audit can help your catering or food service facilities.

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