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Why Use a Consultant?

Catering is not usually the client’s area of expertise or their organisation’s core activity

An Independent Consultant Will...

  • manage the process on your behalf but you will remain in control.
  • understand the industry and you will profit from this knowledge
  • ensure a “best fit” operator is appointed
  • provide a technical review of tender bids ensuring complete clarity and comparison
  • set up or enhance In-house operations with practical and cost effective support
  • understand current trends in eating (at work/at school etc)
  • improve quality and financial efficiency
  • normally cover the cost of any fees immediately
  • advise on the most efficient procurement methods
  • understand commercial imperatives for an efficient and cost effective service
  • use rigorous and time tested processes
  • provide a bespoke contract that is best suited to your business needs
  • provide programmed performance monitoring to ensure future stability and achievement of results
  • provide “due diligence” Food Safety and Health and Safety Auditing
  • provide free ad hoc advice during the appointment period

“A good Consultant will save you money, time and hassle and improve the quality of your catering

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