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Belt and Braces offer three different services

Tendering Service

Mystery Shopper

Health Hygiene & Safety Catering Audits


Tendering service

Our Tendering service commences with an initial free no obligation meeting from which a proposal is presented with an agreed time table and a fixed fee.

If you want to save money and develop your food service, arrange your free, no obligation meeting. The Tendering Service provides a complete, fully compliant, bespoke catering service procurement from advert to sub contractor/franchisee appointment. It also includes all legal processes, documentation and evaluation aligned with your organisation, your policies and any future food service needs.

Benefits to your food service:

  • Best value
  • Confidence to appoint the right caterer
  • Compliance with organizational policy, law and TUPE
  • All stakeholders engaged
  • Meeting future customer aspirations and trends
  • Confidence in your future food service and budget
  • Open market tendering with no supplier affiliations
Why Use a Consultant?

Mystery Shopper.

Businesses can test their employees' knowledge, customer service skills and productivity by using a mystery shopper to gather constructive information discreetly and professionally.


This process can bring immediate service improvements, and continuous development is possible if used on an on-going basis. You are always going to be one step ahead armed with actual "live" performance data.

The mystery shopper will then review and analyse the key information and data they have collected, and produce a detailed report showing the outcome of their experiences measured against previously defined criteria.

Make sure you ask for references or testimonials of previous mystery shopping work undertaken.

Companies who use credible mystery shoppers to provide facts on performance to improve, motivate and train staff for the better will always benefit from this service.

Hygiene Health & Safety Catering Audits

Belt and Braces can assist businesses that require health and safety audits of their management system, carried out by qualified safety auditors.


For smaller organisations, this might be as simple as an inspection of the premises and a review of current health and safety documentation. Following the audit a report is issued detailing all observations and recommendations with photographs covering all areas checked.

Who Checks the Checker?
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